Experience the Best Spa Water Possible

The Difference Is in the Diamonds

“It’s a wonderful spa. I love the ACE system, too. I never have that “chlorinated” smell on me after I get out, and my skin feels smooth, not dried out or itchy.”
– Hot Spring Owner


ace_diamondWith easy to care for spa water that looks, feels and smells great, you’ll spend more time in a Hot Spring® spa.

The exclusive ACE salt water system is an option for all Highlife®, Highlife NXT and Limelight® Collection spa models.
Enjoy fewer chemicals and more natural spa water.

Only the ACE system creates “active oxygen” and other powerful cleaners from just a little bit of salt and your spa water. So, there are fewer chemicals added.

Just Feels Better

ace_diamondForget about all that dry skin, irritated eyes, or chlorine odor.

Using patented diamond technology, only the ACE system eliminates contaminants that impact water quality. With silky soft spa water that looks crystal clear, feels like silk. When your hot tub smells this good you and your favour will use your spa more often.


Spend less time caring and tending for your spa and more time creating memories bathing in some holistic wellness.

The ACE® system eliminates side effects and creates spa water that looks, feels and even smells great!

Come see why Hot Spring® spa owners have nice things to say about the ACE system:


“The ACE Salt Water system is the best purchase ever. Reduced the chemicals I am using to keep the water fresh….in fact the water is crystal clear all the time….which lowers my workload.”
– Hot Spring Owner

Make It Better Easily

  • Using advanced technology, the ACE Salt Water System automatically generates chlorine and other cleaners for a set amount of time each day, based on your input and frequency of use. The ACE system is sanitizing your spa water, even when you haven’t given water care a thought.

Save Your Time On Maintenance

  • Choosing the ACE system, means you’ll spend less time caring for your water and more time enjoying your spa in the company of your favor. Plus, with proper care, you will add fewer bottled chemicals helping spa water and equipment last longer.

Your Senses, All of Them Will Thank You

  • The ACE system cleans water differently than traditional water care systems, you are less likely to experience dry skin, irritated eyes, or nasty chlorine odor. With softer, finer and more luxurious spa water, you’ll find you spend more time in your Hot Spring spa.