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Each Hot Spring Spas collection features multiple spas with different jets, features and number of seats. Use this tool to narrow down your search, so you can find a spa that’s just right for you.

Benefit Features/Product Line Highlife Collection NXT Highlife Collection Limelight Collection Hot Spot Spas
Massage Moto-Massage® DX  ●  ● Gleam Only  
  Original Moto-Massage       SX & TX only
  Jet variety (# of types of jets) 7 7 3 2
Clean Water 100% no-bypass filtration  ●    
  Tri-X® filters  ●    
  Salt water system (ACE) Optional Optional Optional  
  Everfresh® CD-Ozone  ● Optional Optional
Energy Efficiency Multiple layers of foam insulation  ●    
  FiberCor® insulation    
  Polymeric substructure  ●      
  Polymeric base pan  ●      
  SilentFlo® 5000 circulation  ●  
  Patented pump shroud  ●    
  No-Fault® heater  ●
  Custom-fit insulated cover  ●
  “CEC and APSP certified (energy efficiency)”  ●  ●  ●  ●
Intuitive Controls Full-color LCD display screen  ●  ●  ●  
  Wireless touchscreen control system  ● Grandee & Envoy Only    
  Advanced control system    ●  ●  
  Large on-ready indicator light  ●      
  Standard on-ready indicator light    ●  ●  
Lighting & Entertainment Customizable zone lighting  ●  ●    
  Exterior Lighting  ●   Gleam Only  
  Multi-color lighting  ●  ●  ●  ●
  Multi-zone lighting  ●  ●    
  Points-of-Light      ●  ●
  Wireless Entertainment Optional Optional Optional Optional
Innovations in Quality ABS backed acrylic shell  ●  ●    
  Component Warranty 5 Years 5 Years 5 Years 2 Years
Innovations in Design Designed by Designworks, a BMW Group Company  ●  ●    
  Architectural molded corners  ●      
  Unique “floating” ground effects  ●      

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