Sauna Quality & Design

This is your chance, your assurance of quality materials right for the job, best-of-class design and production processes are used in creating your pure sauna experience, come learn the differences at Rocky Mountain Pools and Spas.

A first glance somethings appear the same. Far Infrared Saunas have minimum safety requirements which you will observe and know.

Do you want ceramic or rod heaters, and why?
Safety and power consumption vary!
Do you want shielding and insulation?
Certification seems the same but the standards may be exceeded, for customer satisfaction, and how?
Quality, design ergonomics, materials and their footprints.
Life-cycle warranties and maintenance costs vary, and how?
What wood is that and is it all that wood, what other materials are under it?
So many saunas we may not fix, front heaters, side heaters and strips, customization, they are different and why?

We have the answers and demonstrations on site now for you, with experts to answer your questions. We care you have the right portable or built-in Sauna, the lifestyle and the expectancy delivered in quality and engineering. Warranty, information and service, just ask and we’ll be right with you.




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